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Following years of receiving requests to extend our rich repertoire of classes and events to the soulful sister-isle of Nevis, we are very pleased to share that LEAP Nevis made its official grand debut in September, 2018! 


We currently host regular dance, gymnastics and visual arts training sessions in Nevis for children through to adults. But these aren't your average sessions! To maximize on our Nevisian members' experience and growth opportunities, we uniquely fuse theatrics and performance fundamentals to our multi-genre approach in all our training - a signature trait of our edutainment culture at LEAP!


Our Dancers can expect to rapidly increase their flexibility, fitness, dance skills and knowledge, and dramatically boost their creativity as they train in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, African, Afro-Caribbean, Latin and other classic styles of dance through their experience with us.

Our Gymnasts can expect to engage in flexibility enhancement exercises, balance beam training,

rhythmic floor exercise, plyometric jump training, acrobatics and more!

Our Visual Artists can expect to have their imaginations go wild, their knowledge of art forms and techniques expanded and sharpen their skills.

Public performance and exhibition opportunities are scheduled for our members year-round, including our highly anticipated annual grand recitals.

LEAP is known for its unrivaled levels and fusions of professionalism, creativity, entertainment, education

and fun, and these characteristics are promoted with excellence through our all our classes in Nevis. 


Our most seasoned dance tutors take the lead at our new, private studio at the Pinney's Industrial Site weekly

bringing the beat and adding more vibrance, culture, discipline and magic to the dance landscape of Nevis.

Please see below more information about our Nevis classes and how you can sign up.



All of our dance and art teams are named after verbs that smartly refer to lively, progressive action, and forward movement. Each group has its own one-hour time slot, personality, curriculum and signature style.

Wednesdays from 5pm - 6pm

ROLLERS - General Dance, 3 - 5 year olds


Wednesdays from 6pm - 7pm

BOUNCERS - General Dance, 6 - 8 year olds

Wednesdays from 7pm - 8pm

MOVERS - Dance, Adults (18+)
Beginner Level through to Advanced Level

Thursdays from 5pm - 6pm

ROMPERS - General Dance, 9 - 12 year olds


Thursdays from 6pm - 7pm

TROTTERS - General Dance, Teenagers

Thursdays from 7pm - 8pm

SPARKLERS - Musical Theatre, Children 8+

Saturdays from 5pm - 6pm

BENDERS BEGINNERS - Gymnastics, Children 5+
Beginner Level


Saturdays from 6pm - 7pm

BENDERS INTERMEDIATES - Gymnastics, Children 5+
Intermediate Level

Saturdays from 7pm - 8pm

BENDERS ADVANCED - Gymnastics, Children 5+
Advanced Level



An open mind & a smile! LEAP requires no prior dance training or experience for membership. We are expert at nurturing both the rawest and most practiced talents.


Uniforms are required for most classes. A list of specific dance-wear/gymnastics-wear items needed for classes will be sent to you upon registration. Feel free to wear any dance or gym-wear you wish to our first set of classes. Strict dress codes will gradually become effective. So don't worry, you have plenty of time to get everything you need!

Visit our Dresscodes Page at any time to view your class's attire requirements and for uniform schedules.

Information about Fees & Payment Options are viewable on our Tuition Page .

Like what you see? Ready to be a part of the most electric dance company in The Federation?


Thank you for submitting the information above. You have automatically become eligible for a spot in your desired class.

However, your placement confirmation is based on compliance with any applicable registration deadlines and the current availability of space, as each of our classes has a maximum capacity limit.

Please expect an email from within one week of your submission of this form to either confirm your placement or your addition to our wait list. Kindly ensure that you have browsed through the Members Section of our website in advance to familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct, Schedules, Dresscodes, Fees and Payment Options.

Thank you once again for your submission and we look forward to welcoming you into the LEAP Family soon!

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