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From day one, LEAP has been all about access.

What's the point of good art if it can't be shared with everyone?

LEAP's 'A Chance to Dance' (C2D) Program was established since 2012,

as we quickly identified the need to extend our classes and services to children and families who didn't readily have the means to connect with us in meaningful ways as they so desire, especially to subscribe regularly and long-term to our sessions. C2D is geared towards making memberships in dance, gymnastics and visual arts more affordable and accessible for underprivileged kids to actively attend. We do this by:

1) Proactively identifying candidates to receive C2D support;

2) Discounting or waiving tuition fees for C2D Members;

3) Donating dancewear, costumes and equipment to C2D Members as required for their classes and events;

4) Creating and cultivating a culture of inclusivity within our Program;

5) Happily investing in the Federation's most 'at risk' youth.


In March 2020 and again in March 2021, LEAP was selected as the recipient of a grant from The Windsong Trust to fuel and expand this awesome initiative. This means that significantly more disadvantaged children can access C2D concessions as we consistently seek to touch additional

lives through the power of the arts!

If you are interested in signing up an underprivileged child for our classes in St. Kitts & Nevis

via our 'A Chance to Dance Program' and thereby receive discounts, waived tuition and/or other listed benefits, please send an email to expressing your need apply, or contact our Managing Director, Genieve Hanley, directly on (869) 760-1500 to get the application process going.

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