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They call us the


...and for a very good reason!


The Learning & Empowerment through the Arts Program, more affectionately known to many as ‘LEAP’, proudly serves St. Kitts & Nevis as a flagship center for creative fluency and unrivaled artistic excellence. Founded monumentally on January 9th, 2010, it is now the Federation’s largest and most vibrant private arts-based organization, operating as haven for hundreds of local artistes.


At LEAP, we inventively use the performing and visual arts as effective tools for education, exploration, expression, empowerment and raw entertainment. The multi-disciplinary facets of our Program, involve a rich, purposeful curriculum of tutelage and activities, which facilitate strict (but fun… very fun, in fact) technical and transferable skills training. Striking that important balance between learning and enjoyment is a guiding principle of our all policies and practices at LEAP, as we push participants to evolve into well-rounded, broad-minded individuals.


LEAP’s Mission is simple:

   “ To nurture healthy minds and bodies through the incredible power of the arts! ”.  


We proactively fulfill this distinct and unchanging mission by:


     Providing exciting, engaging extra-curricular activities for children and adults;

     Furnishing a safe space where creative thoughts and ideas can be exchanged freely between participants;

     Establishing the arts as integral components of each student’s creative journey with us;

     Employing highly professional, proficient and passionate staff;

     Training students to drastically enhance and develop their artistic knowledge, skills, range and sensibility;

     Cultivating confidence, dialogue, friendships and positive attitudes;

     Fostering team-building and encouraging respect and care for others;

     Creating opportunities (such as live performances and exhibitions) for our students to demonstrate their acquired blossoming artistic skills and achievements;

     Connecting targeted audiences and the public with art through our students’ showcases.

Our Vision is therefore very important:

  “ To allow our members to harness their full potential through the use of their own creativity, intelligence and agility, resulting in the physical, emotional, mental and ultimately the social benefits that fine leaders embody. ”  

We call these fine leaders our ‘LEAPers’!


The word ‘LEAP’ in itself, by definition, alludes to upward and forward movement – to progress!

We are therefore, by nature,110% dedicated to the continuous advancement of our purpose, our Program, our LEAPers our Federation and the creative industry at large.

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