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Uniforms give us a sense of pride, purpose and togetherness on the dance floor.

They also are functional to facilitate the style of movement for each genre being taught from week to week.


Please see below the lists of dancewear/uniforms required for your various classes at LEAP.

These items should be always kept in your wardrobe for use at your sessions and for performances, exhibitions and other necessary events you'll take part in as a member of our Program.

Please note that the uniform lists below become effective September, 2022 as we phase out some styles of dancewear, such as the pink leotard sets, and streamline our uniforms across the board to red, white and black, our brand colors only.



CHILDRENS DANCE Dancewear List (September 2022).png
TEENS & ADULTS Dancewear List (September 2022).png
GYMNASTS Dancewear List (2022).png
TAP Dancewear List (2022).png
CHEER Dancewear List (2021).png
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