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  Owner, Managing Director, Tutor, Choreographer  

The Visionary.

Deeply inspired by her creative experiences in the visual and performing arts over a span of over two decades (don't worry, she's really sixteen), Genieve is the Founder and Director of LEAP - the engine of the Program. Committed to sharing her passion with others, her main goal when establishing the organization was to provide more access to the arts in St. Kitts. Zooming in from her overall management, she heads up our visual arts, Kidpreneur, tap dance, street dance, adult dance, gymnastics and all LEAP Nevis classes.

She is formally trained locally and internationally, the most recent of her arts education coming from South Bank University in London, UK with a first class honours (BA) degree in Arts Management through which she specialized in Music, Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts & Event Management. She applies this knowledge to her tutelage of adults and children at LEAP in several dance and visual arts classes, and the production of our grand showcases.

So what's on her menu of favorite things in the field? Take away her headphones and you'd have likely caught her listening to some 90's R&B, 'old-school' Hip-Hop or Beyoncé -

her pop idol (and stalking victim). Her favorite style of dance is modern contemporary and she thoroughly enjoys photography and film when it comes to the visual arts.

When asked what she loved most about teaching art, she confidently replied "I'm a rebel at heart and I love going against the grain. Art for me represents no restrictions and I love the limitlessness of it. When it comes to creativity there are no boundaries. It's ultimate freedom, and I love sharing and exploring what's outside of the box with others."

Fun Fact: Genieve prefers to wear flats over heels on any given day, even though she is a former pageant queen - Miss St. Kitts (2002) & Miss Caribbean Tourism (2003).



  Dance Tutor, Choreographer  

The Winner.

Don't you dare put a contest in front of her. Kenisha is the ultimate competitor, with her eyes always on the prize and a notable knack for successful outcomes. She is a long-standing member of our Program, introduced to dance as one of our first adult members back in 2011. With a decade of experience under her belt, she takes charge of our Toddlers at LEAP, as her patient, fun-loving, careful and motherly persona makes her the perfect guide and motivator for our tiniest of LEAPers.

When Kenisha isn't on the dance floor, she is a full-time paralegal. She also owns and runs 'The Rose Project' - a scintillating series of inspirational talks dedicated to the holistic development of youngsters in the Federation. She also gladly supports Genieve in many managerial and administrative roles at LEAP throughout the year, as her dearest, most loyal friend. She therefore views LEAP's achievements as if they were her very own, which they actually are in several ways.

Kenisha's greatest love and strength on the dance floor lands in the category of lyrical dance. She has taken part in just about all adult dance groups across LEAP over the years, including drama, and has performed for many local and regional events. Hop in her car and it's likely you'll hear gospel, classic soca and dancehall or even some motivational speeches running through her sound system.

Beaming with pride on her favorite aspect about being a dance tutor at LEAP, she commented: "It's the eagerness and enjoyment on the children's faces that I see every time when they come to classes. Sometimes they don't even want to leave when it's home time, and it makes me feel like I'm living up to my duty as a role model for them. I have a whole new extended family here through the Program".

Fun Fact: Kenisha once played a dragon in one of our most popular showcases and danced 'Gangnam Style' in full costume! She also knows how to play the fife.



  Dance Tutor, Choreographer  

The Craft Master.

Extremely skillful with her hands, Jemma possesses an unrivaled natural knack for visual art. A member of our Program since 2011 (and usually armed and dangerous with a glue gun), she has converted her God-given talent into wonderful creations as a camp leader, costume and set designer and now she even runs her own business - Tres Jolie Collection - making the most adorable bows and accessories for girls.

But don't get it twisted, Jemma is equally as good on her feet! She fell in love with dance from the moment she joined LEAP, making our studio a second home by committing to every single adult session we have held since inception - Prancers, The Aces, Klub Koreo and Flirty Friday classes. A particular highlight of her dance experiences, is her attendance of a national dance tutors workshop hosted by the renowned Marlon Simms. It's no wonder why today she is a beloved dance teacher, camp leader and overseer of our Program.

Sneak up to her bedroom window and you'll likely hear Dancehall and Reggae blazing away in the background. But ask her to choose a favorite genre of dance, and she finds it near impossible as she sees great pleasure in all types, as they have their own unique lovable traits.

When we asked Jemma what she loved most about being a dance tutor, she passionately answered, "That's pretty easy. I work with Skippers, some of the smallest LEAPers (ages 5 - 7), and I absolutely adore seeing them smile during our sessions, and hearing them say 'This is fun! Let's do it again!' after the sessions are over". Jemma is most inspired by her tender-aged students, her dancemates and her trainers.

Fun Fact: Jemma is the first ever and current 'Aces Game Show Champion' (insert confetti here), and she polishes her trophy regularly.



  Dance Tutor, Choreographer 

The Firecracker.


Loud, vibrant, diligent. Kaylor is a huge lover of the arts. She cried when she saw 'The Lion King' on Broadway and even enjoyed 'Cats' which has been criticized as a "weird" or even boring show. She's seen 'Hamilton' online AT LEAST 8 times. 


She loves all things musical theater: dancing, singing, acting. Theater Arts was her favorite subject in school and she received a Grade 1 pass when she sat that CSEC exam in 2015. She currently serves as secretary for a local drama group that she is a part of. She also co-heads her church's dance group that not only does liturgical and contemporary style dances but also does a lot of Afro-Caribbean, Jazz and Hip-Hop. 


Kaylor has been dancing since she was a little child. She officially started dancing at the age of 5 at her church and began with LEAP in January, 2012 at the age of 14. In her LEAP Team, Jumpers, she stayed in the Top 3 of her class every single year. 


Her favorite genre of music is soca and the style of dance is in her top two. She adores the fact that it requires high energy throughout and even looking at someone dancing to the genre makes you feel happy! 


What does Kaylor love about being a tutor of our Hoppers (8 - 10 year old dancers)? - 

The interactions with them and their different personalities. No two sessions are ever alike! 


Fun Fact: Kaylor is a songbird. She entered and won Kittitian Superstar Juniors in 2011 and then went on to win Kittitian Superstar Juniors All Stars competition in 2012!

Pass the mic, please!



  Dance Tutor, Choreographer 

The Dance Assassin.

Don't you dare be fooled by her quiet, humble demeanor. Silent but lethal, her constant cool composure is like a disguise of the real dazzling diva she is on the dance floor!


Quiandra is well equipped to coach some of the most energetic and talented young dancers at LEAP - our Springers (pre-teens) - and is quite the example even beyond dance. She started her growth in the arts at the tender age of 4 with the Youth Outreach Dance Ministry. She joined LEAP in 2012 after receiving a rare 'Fast Track' certificate while attending STAR Camp - an award which allows campers who demonstrate and exceptional interest and natural knack for dance an auto, speed entry into our program.

Over the years Quiandra has learnt and managed to master a variety of styles such as ballet (including pointe), contemporary, Afro-Caribbean, jazz and even worship dance. Her greatest love of all though is lyrical dance. In college she achieved an A-level in Performing Arts (Dance) and even made it on the CAPE Regional Merit List (4th in 2017, 1st in 2018)! Yep folks, there's plenty brains that back it all up! She even plays a few instruments - the piano, clarinet and recorder - to which she credits her profound musicality.

Us: "Quiandra, besides dance and music, what's another passion that you have?"

Quiandra: "I have a slight obsession with makeup and I actually own two businesses related to this art (one for makeup artistry and another for handmade cosmetics). I've worked hard to hone my craft over the years and have trained with the P. Louise Makeup Academy in England. I've even been offered a part-scholarship to partake in an online beauty program by FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)."

Fun Fact: When Quiandra was 13, she wrote a book and published it on a writing website for fun. To this day it has 350,000+ reads.

Oh and P.S. she says (with sass),"People think I'm quiet, when in actuality I'm just shy.

In my day-to-day life I'm known for being the loudest, craziest, most talkative individual in the room!".



  Dance Tutor, Choreographer, Owner of 'Dancercise'  

The Energy Goddess.

We dare you to out-dance Znessa! Go on. Try it. 

Not many are brave enough to take up that challenge, as Znessa reigns supreme and unmatched as the dancer on the floor who gives it her all and more, every... single... time.

Znessa's passion for dance runs deep and long, beginning with 5 years of experience as a youngster at The Children's Dance Theatre, followed by training with N' Sync. She has been a member of LEAP since 2011 and has developed rapidly and beautifully into an instrumental member of our Program with her outstanding skill, bubbly personality, super-creative choreography, and oh... her everlasting stamina.

Znessa has harnessed her inexhaustible energy to found 'Dancercise' her signature program on the LEAP roster which seamlessly fuses dance and exercise for persons seeking to enhance their fitness levels in a fun, rhythmic way. Soca nights are a favorite of her followers, as her unshakable love for this style of dance and music shines brightly through.

As the adored trainer of our teen dancers, Znessa's response was natural and spirited when she was asked what she loved most about teaching dance: "I love witnessing the growth of dancers during their time with me at LEAP, and feeling their love and appreciation. I take pride in their accomplishments and marvel at the beauty of a well-performed dance".

Fun Fact: Znessa thoroughly enjoys planning and decorating events. Don't be surprised if she has decor on stand-by in the bottom of her handbag!



  Theatre Arts Tutor  

The Chameleon.

There are so many intricate, interesting sides of Kevon, it's hard to sum him up without a noun or adjective that speaks specifically to his depth and versatility. Affectionately known by our young members as 'Mr. Kevon', his history at LEAP begins even before our official inception and takes us right up to present.

Kevon started out as sibling support (brother of Genieve) when our venue was being outfitted for our very first class back in late 2009. When we started in January, 2010, Kevon played a critical role in keeping our Program and Studio in tip-top shape, with outstanding pride. His assistance eventually evolved to major membership as a dancer and dramatist - landing huge roles that spotlighted his dynamism.

He has played anything from a drunken pilot, a prince, a mogul to a nurse, and even Santa Claus in one of our Christmas showcases. He has also been a key member of our stage management team for our recitals. His experience in the performing arts however, extends well beyond the local stage. Kevon is a University at Albany Theatre Arts Graduate, a course that has 'dramatically' upped his theatre game and led him to perform in international-scale plays.

Recently returning from New York, his stardom now continues at LEAP as the head of our Performas! team. He treats his role as theatre tutor very seriously, with a profound understanding that engagement in the art form can lead to significant personal and professional growth. Oh, and his students love him.

Fun Fact: Kevon is a 'bacchanalist'! He's a prominent figure on the fete scene and has taken his exceptional partying talents to higher heights as a social media influencer. 



  Junior Dance & Gymnastics Tutor  

The Social Butterfly.

We actually can't think of a member more loyal, loving and true than our darling, dear Amy. We recall and know her as a most excited and enthusiastic dance student with us from day one on Saturday 9th January, 2010, (then less than half her current size). Since then, Amy has signed up for every single class we have ever launched over the years, once applicable to her age group, and her passion and multiple talents always show, shine and sparkle.

Amy has done general dance, tap dance, street dance, gymnastics, theatre arts and visual arts, to name a few aspects of her range as a blossoming pro artiste. She has also taken part in every single camp we have ever hosted during her school holidays, and has also been invited to perform with The Aces (our adult, commercial dance team). She has also landed major solo and spotlight roles in our shows and others, amping up her popularity as a force to be reckoned with every time.


It's notable that Amy's talents reach well beyond the dance floor, as she is also a trained piano player and an active member of the St. Kitts & Nevis National Majorettes as a lead baton twirler. Amy has also been a star member and flyer in her school's cheerleading team.

Now a teenager, Amy is able to apply her long-standing and ever-expanding experience in dance, gymnastics and the arts to an important leadership role at LEAP, as she so willingly and professionally supports our Director in the coaching of our gymnastics teams (Flippers & Benders) and our various dance teams in LEAP Nevis! Amy is what you call a LEAP V-V-I.P. as her commitment and positive energy towards our Program has never faltered or faded.

When asked about how she felt about her new role here at LEAP, she eagerly replied with her bubbly personality: "I get to take everything I learned here at LEAP and share it with others in a new way. That's exciting, fun and fulfilling." 

Best wishes to our young grasshopper, Amy, on her journey as the newest tutor at LEAP.


Fun Fact: Amy loves hair gel and is quite expert at 'laying her edges'. 

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