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Over 1,500 Memberships!
We have been generously blessed over the years to have seen hundreds and hundreds of youngsters and adults
through our doors at LEAP. This has made us the largest and most active arts organization in the Federation.
For us, it's all about access - giving persons unique, unrestricted opportunities to learn, grow and experience
incredible things through the arts. We've watched imaginations unleash, confidence levels sky rocket, friendships
and lifetime memories made. Some of our members have even ventured on to academic pursuits in the arts overseas
and a few have even become proficient enough to now house their own arts organizations. 
30+ Classes Held Weekly!
From tap dance and theatre, to gymnastics, drama and visual arts...
From kids dance and adult dance to exercise sessions and hip-hop...
LEAP hosts over two dozen sessions at minimum on a weekly basis.
Each class is tailored to achieve different goals through the arts.
Be sure to pick the class that's right for you!
Over a Dozen Camps Hosted!

Providing enriching, enjoyable extra-curricular activities is another pillar of our purpose at LEAP. In our short history we have hosted:

6 STAR (Summer Training in Arts & Recreation) Camps

2011 - Inaugural Camp

2012 - The Circus Edition

2013 - Monster Madness

2015 - Jungle Jamboree

2016 - Lost in Space

2020 - Kidpreneur

4 Summer Jams

2015 - Inaugural Jam

2016 - July Jam

2017 - July Jam

2018 - July Jam (Earth, Fire, Wind & Water)

2019 - Summer on Stage

3 Easter Camps

2016 - Easter Extravaganza

2018 - Rabbit School

2022 - SomeBunny Special

1 Christmas Camp

2016 - A Week at the North Pole

2017 - The Lost Elves

Staged 14 Super-Successful Recitals!


That's one for every single year we've been open!


We're committed to sharing our art with the general public (and the whole wide world), so we've stuck to hosting at least one grand production annually. These showcases give our members the opportunity to exhibit the skills they developed through our training and incorporate creative choreography, dazzling costumes, big personalities, interesting themes and captivating storylines.

Here's a quick list of the shows we've done over the years:

1) I'VE GOT A FEELING  - April, 2011




3) ONCE UPON A TIME - December, 2012


4) LITTLE ORPHAN DANNIE - December, 2013


5) FLIGHT - January, 2015 


6) DR. INCREDIBLE'S DREAM MACHINE - December, 2015   

7) THE OFFICE - December, 2016


8) THE COLOUR PURPLE - May & June, 2018   

9) A PLACE CALLED HOME - May, 2019

10) DEAR DIARY (LEAP Nevis) - June, 2019

11) SELL FISH - May, 2022

12) TORY JUMP OUT (LEAP Nevis) - June, 2022

13) THE WIZARD OF OZ - May, 2023

14) IT'S MAGIC! (LEAP Nevis) - June, 2023

We Rock on Social Media!
Did you know that LEAP was the very first arts organization in the Federation to promote itself on social media?

Yes! We understood from inception that creatively connecting with our audiences well beyond our annual showcases will keep our art forever fresh, active and relevant. Sharing our experiences regularly with our friends, families and fans is our pleasure, as we share sneak peeks of the fun and growth that take place behind our studio doors.
We're so proud with the enthusiastic following we have built up organically:

 Over 4,900 Followers on Facebook, over 2,000 on Instagram,
and over 43,000 views on our YouTube Channel! 

Be sure to rock with us online: @leapskn  #leapskn
Open for Over 13 Years!
We're leaving behind a legacy, and we envision that legacy to be filled with positive messages, stories of growth, change and inspiration, and memories filled to maximum capacity with smiles, pride, sequins and sparkles, and lifetime friendships.

We're not going anywhere. LEAP is here for you and for generations to come as we do our part to uplift a nation through the empowerment of youngsters and adults, by the incredible power of the arts.

We thank you for being a part of our creative journey. Whether you are a member, tutor, patron, parent, friend, fan, follower or simply curious, your interest and presence means the world to us.

Stay with us as we continue to make an impact.
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