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Supporting Health, Ambition, Progress & Education

The LEAP SHAPE Program is a proactive sub-project that began in 2015. It has been geared towards offering our Members unique, fruitful opportunities for additional, advanced training, outside of their regular class hours and experiences.

SHAPE is therefore as series of Special Events on our calendar, carefully planned and curated to unlock the full potential of our dancers, gymnasts and artists, featuring leaders in their fields to inspire, advise and further develop their range of skills. LEAP Members can anticipate intensives, seminars and workshops as part of their SHAPE journeys, with big names as hosts for huge impact.

SHAPE attendance is exclusive to LEAP Members, and is an added benefit of being a part of our Program.

Have a look at what's next on the SHAPE Roster, and use the form below to sign up:

SHAPE_Nikeva (Dec2023).png

SHAPE Registration
Modern Dance Intensive, Nikeva Stapleton (December 17th, 2023)

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