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  here's how to prepare
for the highlight of the year!  

Whether it's your first LEAP recital, or you're a true showtime veteran, this guide will help you prepare and perform at your very best for our highly anticipated return to the big stage this year! If you know LEAP, you know we do things BIG - in the grand scale and super-star level style, our army of artists and audiences deserve.


We therefore have a mega recital weekend on the way - two back-to-back nights of star-studded excellence in dance, gymnastics, visual arts, musical theatre and more! It will be a full-fledged experience under a theme that takes us back in time and on the high seas in the search for treasures beyond compare.


As always, it will be ALL HANDS ON DECK to ensure our recital preparations for our performers and patrons work seamlessly and enjoyably. We sincerely appreciate when our LEAP Family comes together with keen attention, cooperation, dedication, teamwork, high energy and support to ensure the recital organization process is smooth, successful and sensational.


Please be sure to read through the following pointers carefully and in full: 

  •  LEAP ST. KITTS RECITAL WEEKEND  - This event is scheduled for the evenings of Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June, 2024.


  • More details about event times, venues, tickets, etc. will be shared and promoted as we approach these dates.

  • Following the success of last year's recital format, we have designed our showcase this year to split our line-up of performers over two nights. This means there are some groups that will perform on one night only, and some that would be required to perform on both nights. A separate notice will be issued with the roster on who's performing when.

  • The highly anticipated storyline of our unique two-night showcase is strategically designed for audience members to be able to appreciate and enjoy each night independently (if they wish to attend only one night). For the die-hard LEAP Fans who wish to attend both nights, the story of Night One beautifully continues on Night Two, for a full story experience.

  • You’re probably tired of reading and hearing this but yes, we’re saying it again. Please ensure your children are present and punctual at all classes as we lead up to recital. Detailed choreography is underway and absence & tardiness can greatly affect individual and team progress.

  • Please also ensure all of your monthly tuition payments are up to date. Delinquent members will not be allowed to participate in recitals.

  •  GRAND REHEARSALS  - This is a critical occasion, when our performers get to practice in costume on the real stage space just before their shows. These will be scheduled for the week of the shows listed, so please keep this period as clear as possible on your personal schedules. Exact days and times for each team to attend their grand rehearsal will be shared closer to showtime.

  •  DANCEWEAR REQUIREMENTS  - Please ensure you have all your dancewear which is usually worn as uniforms for weekly classes. Leotards, jazz pants, tights and dance shoes are usually requested and required as bases and accents for some costumes selected and provided by us. Performers will be not allowed to perform if they are not properly dressed. A detailed guide on the exact dancewear requirements per performance will be shared in a formal notice closer to showtime.

  •  TICKETS  - Tickets to each show will be made available privately to the LEAP community of students and parents from the last week in April, for a period of 3 weeksWe will alert everyone via our LEAP WhatsApp Groups privately on when exactly tickets become available to them at our Studios. The private sale of tickets will last for three weeks, after which we will begin advertising ticket availability to the general public. Please note that we do not handle ticket reservations, so please organize in advance to secure the tickets you need during the private sale, which is specifically designed to ensure parents and immediate family members are able to see the show.


Ticket prices this year will match the standard pricing of the Federation's Dance Companies' Recital Tickets:

LEAP St. Kitts Recital Tickets (General Admission) - EC$50 each *

Please note our ticket price applies to any projected occupant of a seat at the show.


Please also note that we have special plans this year for various seating and audience experiences, which would be both above and below the general admission price above. Look out for more details on this in the very near future so that you can prepare to select the viewing experience you would like to have as an audience member.

  •  RECITAL FEE  - As you can imagine, staging large events incur very large expenses. LEAP gladly applies its own resources, but relies heavily on the support of corporate sponsors and its members to help put these very large, professional showcases on. This year's recital fee per student remains the same as prior years at EC$100. This contribution is specifically applied to the cost of each member's dazzling costumes and accessories, as well as their souvenir recital t-shirt which will be worn by all members for each show's grand finale and group photos. Please note that members who are a part of more than one class/team at LEAP are only required to pay the recital fee once. The deadline for payment of the recital fee is Saturday 18th May, 2024. Please note that any payments accepted after this date has past would incur an extra EC$50 (late fee) to handle the significant cost of rush orders. Payments can be made using cash or cheques only during Studio sessions. PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR ONLINE PLATFORMS TO MAKE THIS PAYMENTA physical (paper) receipt will be issued to you upon payment in our Studio.

​We look forward to sharing more and more details with you, our friends, families and fans, as we work our way to showtime! In the meantime, do feel free to reach out to us directly, should you have any questions about the recital preparation process.


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