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Order of Appearances
Night One, The Yellow Brick Road

Saturday 27th May, 2023

Good Morning - Toddlers B

What A Wonderful World - Skippers A

Who Let The Dogs Out - Swaggers

Bulldog - Flyers

Tornado! - Hoppers B

Nasty Up - Jumpers

Twilight Zone - Flippers Beginners

Blinding Lights - Springers

To Build A Home - Gymnast of the Year

Ding Dong! - Tappers Seniors

Zouk - The Aces

It's Magic - Skippers A

Toxic - Flippers Advanced

These Boots - Tappers Juniors

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Tappers Seniors

Gyal Dem Time - The Aces

Here Comes The Boom - LEAP Parents

Halftime - TikTokers


Try - Flippers Advanced

The Aces - Vibes on Vibes

In The Jungle - Toddlers B

Roar - Hoppers B

Lion Paw - The Aces

Dumb Dumb - Flippers Beginners

Jump Around - Swaggers

Jump, Jump - Tappers (All)

Tell Your Heart - Springers (Six)

TikTok - TikTokers

Coming Home - Jumpers

This Is Home - Springers




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